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What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is an online marketing. It is a powerful way of all types of businesses to show their presence on digital platform. It is a source of of businesses to reach out to customers and prospects. Business gets customer by promoting their brand on social media and reach out to their goal.

Social media marketing is the platform, that uses social media on which, users share informations to drive traffic on websites and build social network to build and spread awareness of company’s brand.

Today more than 80% of people are active on social media. Because it is a new trend of promoting services and products of businesses. So it is necessity of all brands to show their good presence on digital media. People come to social media for search, learn something, know about, shop from brands and follow them for updates.

If you are not present on social media networks like- facebook, instagram and linkedin you are not approachable. A good marketing always showcase themselves in front of their audience with relevant content . A good marketing brings success in the form of brand awareness, leads for business and conversion to sales.

Image explains social media marketing.

SMM is evolving arround –

  • Optimization of profile timely.
  • Posting content, images, videos, stories, information, news related to brands to show their awareness to the relevant audience.
  • Analytics by responding comments, shares, like and check your branding reputation.
  • Build your own community, group for your brand.
  • Checking response for your brand by showing relevant content through posts.

Social Media Hacks…..

Here some important social media hacks that everyone should keep in mind!

  • Before publishing message on social media, always use trending hashtags to get attention of audience.
  • The people who like your post also invite them to like your page.
  • Share your relevant content through all social media networks.
  • Increase traffic on your blog by promoting them on social media.
  • Instead of spending lot of times in instagram feed, direct messaging and replying messages, try to do multitask at a same time.
  • Build relationship with influencers by sharing their useful content.

These beautiful hacks will be beneficial for your business…

Blogging- A way to convey information

Blogging- What is a Blog?

Blogging is nothing but a media that self published online. It may be writing, travel, photography or any other media. It’s an opportunity to express your whole day work on a platform as diary style. Blogs generally allows readers to comment and make that post very common amongst blog posts.

Blog is a truncated version of “webblog”. Webblog is a term used for website that maintain information about anything.

Blogging is a detail discussion of work and informational website that provide a perticular information about something. Now a days multiple author can do blogging for a single blog.

Blogs may be of different type like personal blog, business blog or any political blog. But some points that are common in each blog i.e.

  • Blog contain posts in chronological order. It means the recent post is in first position.
  • Readers leave comments after reading an article on that blog.
  • A list of links to other related sites, sometimes called ” Backlinks”.

How it Works

Blogging means a website obtain by a blogger and publishing original content on it. A domain purchsed by a blogger and maintain by themselves. Those who know the HTML can make the blog and those who didn’t have the knowledge of HTML can also make the blog using wordpress.

Blog is a simple form of website. The website may contains different pages like: about, contact us and blog etc. But the blog itself a seperate page that shows like news feed on social media like facebook. The new articles are on the top of the blog and the older one is in down. A blog always shows new articles on the top.

The main feature of blogging is interlinking. When a blogger links another article into their own blog post it is called interlinking.

Way of conveying information

Blogging is nothing but the way of conveying information. The information about a person, a product, a services or many other things that you deeply know. every time blogs may have new informations about a new change. Blogging is way to engage reader on your website. Blogs an social media platforms serve almost same purpose. Both are used for engaging audience on their website.

Blogging is the best way to express your thoughts about anything. Blogging is done by the blogger to get comments on their artticles. Through blogging many kinds of knowlegde can be share amongst people without any other approach. It is the best way to create content about any perticular thing and we can also improve our thinking level.

Try to write a blog and express your knowledge world wide. You can start from a little story that you heard or read from somewhere. You can take tips from different site and proceed.There are many tips available for blogging. One of the article on blogging tips you can check on 5 Free Tools To Help You Write A Perfect Blog!

You can also check how SEO can work on any blog post for your business. If you want promote your local business with good SEO services in India check out this article OCOCOC- The best SEO For Local Business Promotion in India

How Social Media Marketing Benefits to your Business

Social Media Marketing is a powerful way for businesses to reach their customers. Social Media Marketing also plays a good source of publicity of your business. People get familier about brands and learn about differt products and brands from social media. So if you run a business and do not show your presence on social media platforms, you are missing out !

Social Media Marketing brings a great success to your business and make your brand live in front of people.

Benefits of Social Media to businesses

  • Make live your business :- Social Media is a way to turn your business into an active mode in the market. It also makes live to your business in front of people. Social media marketing like- Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing and Linkedin marketing can increase presence of your business on digital platforms.
  • Drive Traffic :- With the active participation on social media platforms you can drive more traffic on your website. You can add different blog post link on your posts to increase traffic. Facebook ads, linkedin ads can increase traffic on your website from where you can convert website visitors into customers.
  • Lead generation :- You can generate leads via running facebook ads, instagram ads, linkedin ads. You can also make conversions directly from these platforms. Leads can also be generated via call to action button on profile or running ads. Diect messaging on ads or via forms on website will also generate leads..
  • Brand Awareness :- The social media platform is the open platform to communicate with the followers. By showing ads to the social media users you can directly get feedback from them. Your products and services presence on social media may increase the awareness of brand.

Digitalvani Services

Digitalvani is a freelance digital marketing service provider. We provide social media marketing services to its clients to promote their product brand and services on social media platforms. Digitalvani provide Social Media Services like -Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing and Linkedin marketing. These service promote customer’s product and brand on different social media platform. People get aware from customer’s brand and businesses get more traffic, customers and branding for their product and make revenues.

Today more than 80% of customers are active on Social Media Marketing. It is new trend of promoting services and products of business. So it is necessary that our promotion should be genuine. That is why we are here to improve our client’s business by offering our new services.

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